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What is your Color? Click  on the image to find out.

What is your Color? Click on the image to find out.

People who feel valued are more ENGAGED. Engaged  teams are more PRODUCTIVE. By promoting a Culture of Collaboration and Respect  organizations function more  EFFECTIVELY.

So, how do you build a High Performance Team? It relies on creating a Culture of Collaboration and Respect. It all starts with understanding. The idea is simple. If we truly understand the values of those we care most about – our family, friends and coworkers – most of us would be willing to respect their values, right?

Now there is a quick way to understand our own intrinsic values and of those we interact with. 

Another successful training program.

Another successful training program.

Based on a color system, we dive into a series of FUN and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE half-day workshops. Enjoy the immediate benefits from a work environment that embraces the ‘platinum rule’: “Treat others as they would like to be treated”. Experience the turnaround and increased productivity when employees are fully engaged for the first time. It rocks!

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Which Workshop is right for your Team?

  • Creating a High Performance Team
  • The Color of Communications
  • The Color of Sales Professionals
  • The Color of Selling Across the Generations
  • Building a Strengths-Based Team for Improved Productivity

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Coaching with Mindfulness for Extraordinary Results

Coaching is about partnering with our clients to successfully achieve measurable outcomes based on agreed goals. It is defined by the Coaching Agreement.

However, being human adds a whole new dimension to this already challenging process. It means dealing with life’s challenges  and  inevitable crises as and when they come up. How we address these is what really matters.

With over 30 years of experience, and through the application of POWERFUL MINDFULNESS-BASED PROCESSES  – both traditional and contemporary – I support my clients through many transitions, from building their businesses to regaining  meaning and purpose in their personal lives.

The Journey to Personal Excellence

The Journey to Personal Excellence

My one-on-one confidential work in this area is powerful resulting in extraordinarily transformed lives. My clients are often executives suffering loss of meaning and burnout. As a qualified practitioner in both professional coaching and transpersonal counselling (graduated in Australia), my unique style provides my clients with in-depth explorations not typically found in one or the other of the two modialities when practiced alone. 

I practice globally mainly through Skype. Call for a confidential discussion.

Call today for a confidential chat.

Call today for a confidential chat.

Read what others are saying about the Good-to-Great Workshops

“We have only received excellent responses. You did a fantastic job! Thank you.” Johnnie Johnson – Training Manager, CareerSource South Florida

“I’d be delighted to refer Nigel and his services. He is a most engaging leader that can draw out and identify key obstacles to becoming an effective, balanced, high-performing organization. The colors approach is also far easier to recall and draw upon than other traditional approaches or organizational tools we have used in the past.” Cornelia Pereira – COO, Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce

“It has been shown that once participants know their coworkers colors, they go out of their way to accommodate each coworker’s unique profile”  Alan Glock – VP, Bank of the West, San Francisco

“Our sessions were extremely helpful and insightful. In working with my team you were transformational, gentle but with authority, through your experience and facilitation skills.” Michael Scholz – Corporate Executive in IT, Sydney

Read what others are saying about the Mindfulness Coaching

“Thank you for your wisdom and insight! You are an extraordinary coach and teacher.”  Dr. Nancy Fry – Executive Coach

“Nigel is a wisdom teacher and motivator, who generates the energy needed for propelling the client into a personal spiritual quest in order to find answers to issues or problems. It’s one of the qualities I found very compelling in him; there’s nothing passive about the way he interacts with people.” Gareth Davies – Business Owner

“Nigel’s sessions and way of practice is unique to the individual.  I have learned so much about my self-awareness, that it has allowed me to blossom and create greater intentions in my personal and professional life.  Nigel holds the space to allow me to do the work necessary to better myself and my life and to create the relationship I want with myself and others.  It is a great gift to heal and grow with someone like Nigel who is not only a friend but a great mentor.” Name withheld – Corporate Executive

“Nigel is an impeccable coach. He is a great mix in professionalism, being down to earth and respectful. He is a unique mix between the professional world and the spiritual world, a balance I’d never seen before.” Javier Temponi – Engineer


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Nigel Patterson, BSc, MBA

Nigel B Patterson, BSc, MBA


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